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Can Loving Someone Be Too Much

When it comes to matters relating to love, one needs to be wise. If you are to distribute questionnaires to a group of hundred persons asking them this same questions, you will be receiving funny views. Someone said, it is not always good to follow what the masses say except you have proven them correct. We have fact, fad and fables on love. One should be able to know how these three are interpreted and in which situations they are needed. One person can hold the notion that love at first sight is the best, while another person can abruptly putoff that idea. In any of this cases, you need to hold your ground and know how to wittily defend your opinion.

Can loving someone be too much? Well, I would have loved to ask Romeo and Juliet whether it was too much for them to have loved each other unconditionally. Yeah, to me and several people who can differentiate between true and false love, the issue of loving someone is not too much. Yes, you can spend and be spent when you say you are there for someone. It’s only nowadays that someone who claimed to love another person wants a payback. It’s never done. In fact, one of the reasons we truly can be assured of your love for someone else is your ability to not demand a ransome. Some people, all in the name of love, kidnap and imprison others with words and are demanding a ransome (in form of sex, or material things). If you do that, you are not showing a replica of true or agape love. Now, I want to ask you, can loving someone be too much? Before you get to the extreme, can your love for another person be too much or demanding?

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OK, let’s look at it this way. I love this lady. She has just finished high school and I want her to further. Therefore, I’m now determining to sponsor her all through her university education. Someone asked me why am I so crazy about this girl. I told him blatantly, do you know how much I’m spending on her? He replied, but wait, why do you have to be spending all that money on her? I confidently, in an egoistic manner said, because I love her. Now, he sincerely asked me in the innocency of his heart, can loving someone cost that much? I was confused but defensive anyway, I said it cost much more.

Now, loving someone costs much but it’s never too much. It’ll cost you your time, treasure, talent and temperament. Yes, all these are at stake when you claim you want to love. I think there are four T’s there, right? Ok, let’s go over them again in a more elaborate manner.

Time- I acronymise TIME as Treasured Instrument Measuring Efficiency. If you want to truly love, you have to give it enough time. You can’t just rush over everything. You must be systematic and time-lenient. One word at a time. Love is not grown at a single throw but monitored and cared for like the rose. In fact, you have to take your time to love. It’s not too much and you are not giving away too much. Therefore, you can never lose too much.

Treasure- yeah, you know what I mean by treasure. My friend will say, you’ve got to spend. In one way or the other, money can arouse love. But I advise, follow, like the brewing industry cautions, (drink responsibly) you too spend honorably and responsibly. Don’t spend to showoff. It creates wrong and negative impression on the part of your friend.

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Talent- This has got to do with your adept dexterity in manner of approach to discussion. You must anchor every discussion with enormous care. Never answer any question you are not sure of. If you have one or two skills, be careful not to boast about them too oftenly. You are likely to create a problem for yourself. In areas you need to help, help! Never procrastinate any exigency. You are definitely not giving out too much.

Temperament- for those of you having hot temper; better go and freeze it. And for you who hardly speak, let talking Tom teach you how. Despite there are two divisions of temperaments (introvert and extrovert), and four types ( choleric, sanguin, phlegmatic and melancholy). You have to manage it well because you are a mixture of the four in different proportions. Now, what I’m saying is this, don’t allow your phlegmatic condition to make you think that you are loving too much because you are being forced to talk.

In conclusion, I want us to have a recap of what we have just discussed. I have both touched the wrong notions about people who thought they are loving someone but at the back of their minds, they have ulterior motives. It’s very vague and weird. You must love unconditionally. What does this mean, you mustn’t put any condition to loving people. I have also talked extensively about the four T’s. Now, the question, Can loving someone be too much? Is a foreign and archaic questions that no one need to reckon with. Loving someone requires the whole you. I’m saying, as one having authority over you, loving someone is not too much!

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