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The Beautiful FACE Of LASTMA

You must have seen the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency  (LASTMA) officials on Lagos roads working tirelessly to see to the free flow of traffic on our roads. They are dotted all over tarred surfaces where you have motorist driving by.  Far away from the ugly rancour that sometimes occur between the motorist and LASTMA officials, like a consolation to the stress male motorists experience on Lagos road daily, we now have at selected spots where, you will find one or two beauties doing the job of easing traffic on Lagos roads.

The traffic managers have done well to have more officials on the road to take care of traffic situations. Among these officials on the road are damsels you will not expect to be on the road managing traffic. When you have beautiful ladies on the road for the free flow of traffic, somehow you will see male motorist having problems with their vehicle the moment they get to the spot where these ladies are posted. Vehicles begin to develop faults that make them to move really slow. Some of these LASTMA beauties have a hard time doing their job because the male motorists would suddenly lose their knowledge of acceleration even when there is no vehicle blocking their movement. They are either feeding their eyes to what mother nature has got to offer or they are trying hard to exchanges pleasantries. Male motorists seem to understand only one sign: “move reluctantly when you see a beautiful LASTMA official”

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When we discovered this trend, we decided to have a chat with one of the ladies who has been a constant recipient of attention from male motorists. We asked Ayo how she has been coping with attention from strangers and the challenges with her kind of work. She responded like anyone who is enjoying their job would. She said it is true the males seem to have lots of attention to give and she is used to it, and she sees it as one of those things that comes with her constantly being on the road as a LASTMA official. She has managed, to the best of her ability, to do her work diligently despite the barrage of attention directed towards her. Would we expect a fine lady as her to opt for a job which requires that you stay on the road all day? No. But from our interaction with her she seemed to be doing well with herself, and the challenges that with the kind of job have failed to diminish her beauty and her cheerful demeanour.

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