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a couple of dance moves

A Couple Of Dance Moves – O’FEKEMI’19

I have not seen a couple quite into the dance moves business like Kemi and her husband Femi – O’fekemi’19. I might have had my experience with a good dancer Goke, who opened the flood gate of excitement to the guests at his wedding reception, with dance moves that made his entrance quite exceptional. That experience is nothing compared to what a “couple of dance moves,” (as I would like to call them), performed before and during their wedding reception. […]

yoruba traditional wedding ceremony

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Ceremony: Chronology of events at Ronke-Deji wedding

Over the years covering Yoruba traditional wedding ceremonies, as a professional wedding photographer, I have noticed the accurate attention to detail in carrying out all the activities that sets it apart from other traditional weddings I have covered. The Yoruba traditional wedding ceremony has in its composition a sort of three square meal approach for it to be complete. Starting from introduction, to engagement, to the white wedding which is used to wrap everything up. We know how Saturdays and […]