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the ring on your wedding ring finger

The Ring On Your Wedding Ring Finger

You would think the whole world woke one day and decided to be wearing a wedding ring or band for the sole purpose of wearing it.  Your wedding ring finger did not start adorning the ring for just showing your marital status. It actually had attached to it ancient believes that made it the preferred finger for wearing the wedding ring.  Like everything else which has a beginning, the wedding ring has a history with deep meanings other than it […]

kneeling to propose marriage to a lady

Kneeling to Propose Marriage to a Lady and Why Yorubas Don’t Need It

Social media era Look all over the social media networks and you’ll be hypnotised by the barrage of proposal photos and videos. Men going on their kneels to propose to the love of their lives. Ladies, with their stretched out hands, catching all the necessary feelings for that special moment — looking overly surprised for what may eventually happen in their relationship. Everyone around keeping appointment with amazed expressions, begging and the lady to accept and let the gentleman get […]