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Lagos traditional wedding party

Lagos Traditional Wedding Party Like Cynthia and Michael’s

A complete Lagos traditional wedding party, when done in a day, comprises of the three stages namely, Engagement (Trad Wedding), White Wedding and reception. Some couples set a date for their engagement and another date for white white wedding. It is basically done according to your preference. Anyway, many couples prefer to do the two stages within a day because it is cost-effective.   What are Saturdays for, in Lagos? Look all around you from the streets to the road, […]

kneeling to propose marriage to a lady

Kneeling to Propose Marriage to a Lady and Why Yorubas Don’t Need It

Social media era Look all over the social media networks and you’ll be hypnotised by the barrage of proposal photos and videos. Men going on their kneels to propose to the love of their lives. Ladies, with their stretched out hands, catching all the necessary feelings for that special moment — looking overly surprised for what may eventually happen in their relationship. Everyone around keeping appointment with amazed expressions, begging and the lady to accept and let the gentleman get […]

wedding funny moments

Fun Moments At A Wedding Reception

What would you classify as a fun moment at a wedding reception or event you attended? Have you had that crazy “wow” moment where your mouth was left open in such amazement that it took you some time to realize part of you was left unattended to, and you just comport yourself and closed your mouth. They are those utter fun moments at a wedding reception which you were not expecting to happen. Fun Instances One instance; the audience at […]