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Pretty Nigerian Brides That Are Eye-catching

pretty Nigerian brides

A pretty Nigerian bride wakes up early in the morning of her big day thinking to herself, with the smile of a little girl promised all the candies in the world that, this is the day her heartthrob will ceremonially ’snatch’ her away from the people she had known all her life. Who would think she was wrong to think so.

I for one would be behind her cheering her on because it is her “snatching away” day. My joy as a wedding photographer is to see a happy bride in the arms of an equally happy groom enjoying the best moments their lives with their loved ones, at their wedding reception. Only that she will be snatched on the fateful day away from everybody she hold dear, including her husband to be.

Would it not be a great idea for holy matrimony marauders to snatch a pretty Nigerian bride from the groom at the alter where they are taking their wedding vows. An idea that plays in 4K quality only in the craniums of whoever is nursing such a thought. I would not advice anyone invade a wedding venue and snatch away the bride because they find the bride pretty enough for some missing in action flick.

It is just the feeling of appreciation and regret at the same time; that they are not the one in the position of the groom. They find him lucky and undeserving of such a prettying looking bride. Have you been to a wedding ceremony and you find the bride captivating, thinking how lucky you’d be if she was yours. It is that sort of thought that translates to the bride being eligible to be snatched away from the wedding procession and eloped with.

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The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet BornWhat brides have such looks that makes them a gold fish that can do everything not to be found but it is only making matters worse by making such futile effort? Ever heard the word, “a gold fish has no hiding place. It will always shine through?”

In no particular order. The brides you have been coming across while reading this article are the very epitome of beauty. We have the most beautiful women in the world. You can say agbani daregho is a tip of the iceberg. Every Nigerian contestant that ever won at any beauty pageant in any category, is just one pick out of the many there was.

The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born

If I must go by this statement, it means I have to wait until afterlife before I can set my eyes on a pretty Nigerian bride. Meanwhile, they have been coming year in, year out like a gushing pipe borne water having a faulty stopper. The people who believe so much in this statement may never find any beauty to appreciate. They are closed both in mind and eyes to the bombardment of our everyday lives of the very best of visual stimulation that our pretty Nigerian brides represent.

pretty nigerian bride

What do we say to a groom who seem less excited to be the lucky one out of many vying for his bride’s hand in marriage. We tell him it’s okay to be that way. There are too many of us out there hoping it doesn’t work out so that we can ‘relieve him of his pain.’ We are the ones with eyes and minds open and ready to stamp the ‘MRS’ on his bride like a compulsory stamp duty. We don’t joke with this occupation.

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On the other hand, some grooms have gone above and beyond to let the whole world know they are marrying the prettiest Nigerian bride. One groom I encountered on one of my wedding coverage business, you would think his bride’s family are giving him other ladies from same family as extras.

Man laid the music and beats to wasted. He killed it! That is one groom that wasn’t joking with his pretty Nigerian bride. He showed the world he was excited, through his captivating dance moves, for getting hooked with a pretty Nigerian bride.

pretty nigerian bride

I have equally had my reality entertained at Kemi and Femi’s wedding, where the duo celebrated each other with all the dance moves and fanfare that shows you they are excited about having each other. They came ready with all the fun necessary to heat up a dull moment into something that cannot be handled anymore. That’s one King and Queen that found each other.

Kemi and Femi’s wedding shows you how the bride can equally show the world she’s lucky to have her groom, by not allowing Femi outshine her on the dance floor. For this couple, there’s no snatching-away of either of them.

Talking about finding each other, have you found that pretty Nigerian lady to bride up? Or, have you found that Prince Charming to groom up? Have you set a date for your wedding? Ready to put a ring on it? If yes, and you don’t mind coming on our show to talk about your beautiful moments leading up to your wedding day, please send me an email.

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