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Development Dialogue 2017

From Development Dialogue 2017 handbook: Development Dialogue is Nigeria’s leading thought-leadership Conference for Development Practitioners, Social Innovators, Social Entrepreneurs and NGO Players. It provides a rally point for thinkers, doers and changemakers who envision a better future for Africa, and are working actively for social good. This year we explore the next big ideas, celebrate the power of social innovation to solve pressing problems and the role of the third sector as a key driver of economic growth and national […]

April Fools’ Day

On April fools’ day who is the absolute fool? The one who knows it is a day to act foolish, or the one who is oblivious of the fact that, a day out of a whole year, have been set aside to make friends and family look stupid. It is something to ponder on I guess. Answering this question might push you to do a thorough research. A nyway, not left out in this fools’ day onslaught are media houses, […]

beard gang

Being The #beardgang

What comes to mind the moment you set your eyes on a man with growth of hair on their chin and lower cheeks of their face? In other words, what comes to mind on sighting the beard one a.k.a Beard gang. I sure know what comes to my mind. At the sighting of a beard one, I am immediately taken back to a time I, plus my young ancestors never existed, a long time ago when man had a crude […]

Finding Yourself in Love Triangle

Love triangle, like threesome, it involves three people. Being in a love triangle means you are one of the three angles found in a triangle. So, apart from you, there are two other people involved in a triangle of love. In contrast to threesome, this triangle does not guarantee fair treatment on all participants. In a threesome you are all aware of what you are getting into. But in a love triangle, you may not even have an idea you […]

The Beautiful FACE Of LASTMA

You must have seen the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency  (LASTMA) officials on Lagos roads working tirelessly to see to the free flow of traffic on our roads. They are dotted all over tarred surfaces where you have motorist driving by.  Far away from the ugly rancour that sometimes occur between the motorist and LASTMA officials, like a consolation to the stress male motorists experience on Lagos road daily, we now have at selected spots where, you will find one […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hold my hand, look into my eyes, smile because you know I will smile. We are two different people living a life of one. The moon glow at night, because it knows I would need to find your face, where I get my glow for the night. Everyday ends quickly even though we walk hand in hand slowly, hoping that everyday would stay forever. Each day gives us it time limit as to how they can endure our heart exchange, […]

Nicest Bum Competition at Cambridge College

Cambridge students are world renowned for their magnificent brains but some of the students have recently been showing off another asset. Dozens of scholars stripped naked and posed all over the city from library rooftops to the local chippy, in the hope of being crowned “Best Bum” in the annual Cambridge Best Bums Competition. The student newspaper The Tab has released the university’s top 18 bums in this year’s competition, which is the fifth of its kind. Source: CCTVNews

Donald Trump’s Opulent Lifestyle Written All Over His Home

Donald Trump, the man whose campaign started out like a joke to many of his opponents (Democtrats), some key members of his party (Republicans) and the mainstream media has taken the world by storm, by not just dazzling his opponent out of the presidential race at the primaries, he also went against all odds, when it was like the whole world was against him, to clinch a win for himself against an opponent that out spent him, had the backing […]