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Having A Newborn In The Family

It’s an arena of ecstasy. A concatenation of felicitations galore from everyone. Sinach, in her song “I know Who I am,” said, dance to the Lord! It’s a day that calls for celebrations. With warm fuzzies do parents welcome their newborn. To start with, that day, the home seems the most lively. The house wears a new look in preparation to accommodating this precious new member of the family. The wall is painted cream, offwhite or/and lilac colours. The home […]


Necessary Quagmire For Creativity

In this life, those that succeed most of the time are the very few creative people. Life is not how much I know but how creative I can be. Therefore, the ability to make new things or think of new ideas is referred to as creativity. Creativity, generally, is a skill that you can work on with time (tenacious trainings, Inspired ideas, meaningful motivations and effervescent enlightenments), persistency and efforts. Despite how laudable creativity is there are quagmires or problems […]

Can Loving Someone Be Too Much

When it comes to matters relating to love, one needs to be wise. If you are to distribute questionnaires to a group of hundred persons asking them this same questions, you will be receiving funny views. Someone said, it is not always good to follow what the masses say except you have proven them correct. We have fact, fad and fables on love. One should be able to know how these three are interpreted and in which situations they are […]

Treasured Little Babies

The most sought after treasure that is cuddled in the arms with pleasure and loved to have in every leisure. Obviously, everybody knows what this riddle means. Babies are the heritage of God and the happiness of every parent. If the presence of your baby does not elate you then, you have a big problem. If someone talks about something that is invaluable, luminously bedazzling and transcendently fantabulous, it is nothing but a baby. If there is something that should […]

Is the white wedding necessary

Today, we are going to be ruminating on a very germane topic that has always put would-be bride and groom into confusion and trepidation. Although, this shouldn’t have been but for phobias of the reactions from parents (especially, mothers-in-law) and the expectations of well-wishers in quoth. Let me establish a fact, marriage is not a function of human beings but God unctions or instituted it so therefore, there are laydown injunctions. Now, many people believed that if you don’t do […]

Getting Married

She may be many things to many people; she’s everything to you as her only apple. She deeply feels the more loved by every word, action and care you are give her. And that’s the more reason she has escorted you up to this point. It’s time to fulfil your promise of unparallel care and devotion. It’s high time you spent your dollars of affections and Euro of affabilities to the one and only jet that will forever fly you […]

Happy Birthday Mrs Debola Deji-Kurumi

We, the team of photography sharp shooters (TimelyShot Photography Team) were invited over to Mrs Deji-Kurumi’s Lekki, Lagos residence to do what we know how to do best – getting people shot (photographically) and making them happy about it. We went with our photography equipments (steadied, aimed, and shot creatively) and did justice to her birthday; by getting her best poses, her best smile, those lovely moments she will cherish forever, with her husband and kids; all covered. She being […]

leave the drama behind

Leaving all The Drama Behind

“I’m walking away from the troubles in my life I’m walking away oh to find a better day I’m walking away from the troubles in my life I’m walking away oh to find a better day I’m walking away” This is the chorus to Craig David’s song “walking away.” Listening to that popular song, which was a hit in 2008 by the way, you could see that someone was tired of all the troubles they had to put up with […]