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Travails of the Nigerian youths

Travails of the Nigerian youths The function of every parent is to ensure that appropriate information are being disseminated to their offspring(s). It’s very pertinent to adhere strictly to this golden injunction. A well trained child will make a useful youth and a reasonable adult. When we are talking about the behaviours of the youths, we also need to unravel the foundation of the childhood epoch, because the every schtick all started from the type of discipline instilled in them […]

Travails of the Nigerian youth

The Nigerian Youth is a body of highly resourceful, able, and potential young citizens between age 18 and 35 (but we can also expand the age cap to 40). They comprise of about 39 to 40 percent of Nigeria’s 184 million citizens. Going by their size, the population of Nigerian youths alone is bigger than the entire population of some countries in Europe, and on the African continent. Emphatically, this is a huge potential! As a matter of fact and […]

The Family Unit

It’s generally believed that every great man (man and woman) originated from a responsible family. No doubt, family has a strong cord that connects one’s past actions with present achievements. But, families also offer both good and bad products every now and then. However, it’s not the product that matters when it come to family upbringing- it’s the inestimable virtue and adulating etiquette being displayed by the progenitors. Family unit is one that should be given rapt attention to as […]

Yoruba Naming Ceremony

There is an inestimable axiom that a child tends to live out the meaning of his name, thus, this apparently underscores the dignity placed on and justified the emergence of christening rite. Naming ceremony in Yoruba land is very distinct and done with utmost care. It is natural for Yoruba families and relatives to expect to see a protruding tummy on the wife some months after she and the husband have done their Yoruba traditional and the white wedding. And […]

Challenges of a lagos Photographer

It’s significantly apparent that you always need one more thing that will make your functions attain that plenary stage. Everybody wants his events to be amongst the list of the most talked about, however, how many are able to pay the full price? That aside, I will not be reticent to speak against some uncouth practices to those who anchor our functions. I think it’s very wrong to bestow all the kudos to the Master of Ceremonies while neglecting other […]

The Nigerian Woman; Her Thick Skin

The most fascinating lifestyle of every Nigerian woman is the ability to put up with a lot of nonsense. God has really blessed us with women who could tolerate any unpleasant circumstance. Unlike those developed countries where the female folks battle for equality everyday. You will see severally planted Women Right Activists citadels on every precinct. Meanwhile, here in Nigeria, we have obedient, trustworthy and patient women. I think if we are to talk about the best women in the […]


What Are Friends For

When people are talking about mishaps on waterways and insecurity in marine transportation I always reaffirm that the safest ship anyone can charter is a friend’s ship. There are lots of problems, challenges and difficulties everywhere but the good news is that, the only place you can always find solace and comfort is in a trustworthy friend. In fact, the bible says, there is a friend that is closer to someone than his relations. Therefore, friendship is a strong mutual […]

Mother when and her chicks

God’s Love For Mankind

Can you relate the love of the mother hen for her chicks to God’s love for mankind? There is an astounding love God has specially for his children. He doesn’t hide his love from humankind. What he hates is unfaithfulness, in all ramifications. Let us start by seeing what King David the greatest psalmist has to say about the protective power and rekindling love of God for his children. In Psalms17:8 Keep me as the apple of thy eye, hide […]