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Getting Married

She may be many things to many people; she’s everything to you as her only apple. She deeply feels the more loved by every word, action and care you are give her. And that’s the more reason she has escorted you up to this point. It’s time to fulfil your promise of unparallel care and devotion. It’s high time you spent your dollars of affections and Euro of affabilities to the one and only jet that will forever fly you to your weirdest dreams and destinations. Those are the expextations that endeared her to you. Getting married, an experience that helps in amalgamating a seemingly paralleled feelings.

A look of comfort, a kiss of assurance and a touch of immutable passion should not be in want. It’s really intriguing to attend a wedding, more interestingly, when I am curious to know the would-be groom and most felicitously, when I and the person my heart had always longed for are announced as the reason for the congregation of the crowd. It grips my heart, tenders my conscience throws mepartplesotional brouhaha. My heart beats high and almost jumps out of me were it not for her magnetising love that heartthrobs it. I owe her the best of everything that I ever invested. She deserves neither nothing less I conserve nor more of my preserve but the very best that I preserve, and that must be every time when I serve her. She owns me, my body-both seen and that part you can not hear me talk about now.

Getting married is a lifetime experience that one cannot properly experiments until it is experienced. It is a lecture that transcends lifetime moral lessons of patience, endowment and matrimonial sanity and security. We will be together in all kinds of weather. No harder how things may present themselves, we will never ponder on bitter matter because this love is constrainly soothing. It doesn’t matter what people alter. It’s a normal chatter that should be to us reason for laugher.

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Now, let’s advise those who do not understand. It’s not enough to plan getting married. It is working unrelentingly to making it work out fine. There were couples like us, who planned and never cared to work things out amongst themselves. The union, once cherished soon crashed and the grooms demanded their dowries. I don’t want that for you too. I want your marriage to work out fine like ours today. I want it to be a memorable one. Not only marking the date but making it transformed into an echt and perpetual relationship.

Marriage could mean a ‘Mar’, ‘Age’ when you remove the two middle letters ‘ri’. Things I should look out for are:

Respect and Integrity: there must be respect and integrity on the part of you both. Respect is like a grease that ease smooth coexistence. Remember, you are not cohabiting, you are now husband and wife. Your integrity also should not be outdated or in extinction. It must be updated every time.

Responsibility and Intimacy: these must not be neglected for a strong and formidable marriage. Take responsibility and be intimately connected.

Rhapsody and Information: sing for yourselves sweet and melodious songs and let important information have free course without any barrier. Songs with graceful meanings are like medicine that heals a broken and weak bones.

Lastly, Resurgence, Resonating and Reassurance moments of Impartation.
Remember, wedding is a day, have the fullest of joy today. Let it also transcend to the remaining minutes, days, weeks, months, and years you will spend together. It’s a wonderful thing to fall in love, greater feelings and cares when you remain and the greatest of all joy when you lead yourselves to the altar.
Happy married life.

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