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Necessary Quagmire For Creativity


In this life, those that succeed most of the time are the very few creative people. Life is not how much I know but how creative I can be. Therefore, the ability to make new things or think of new ideas is referred to as creativity. Creativity, generally, is a skill that you can work on with time (tenacious trainings, Inspired ideas, meaningful motivations and effervescent enlightenments), persistency and efforts.

Despite how laudable creativity is there are quagmires or problems that one often encounter. Somebody said, you can fool some of the people every time, all the people some of the time but not all the people all the time. In essence, your creative ideas may not be fully appreciated by everybody at the same time. You may experience what is referred to as quagmire. But overcoming this solely depends on you. Before I give you some ways we can be creative. Let’s look at some of those things that can gainsay or some bad notion people spread around on creativity.

One, anybody can be creative but one still needs intuitions. Creativity is not limited to some people. In fact, everybody has one way or the other that he is creatively sound. But the overall strength behind everybody’s creativity is intuition. You must be able to learn new things either by engaging in creative exercises like reading, writing and continuous practices to sharpen your creativity horizons or attending training to be an expert in that line.

Two, don’t always anticipate to be creative immediately without previous practices and failures. Rome was not built in a day. You need patience and perseverance to be creative. Don’t always have the notion that you will be creative about something immediately you start it. Even the most creative people still find juxtaposition of ideas very hellacious. It’s easier said than done. Give yourself some moments to visualize, ruminate and practice continuously what you are trying to make noticeable to people. Remember that in this life, you have not failed at all except you conclude by your negligence that you have failed.

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Three, monitor your creativeness by the standard of others. It is very good and I advise that too, to be distinguished from what others do but at the same time, you must comply with the ruling standard. You must be able to know exactly the standard of your creativity. Always monitor it. Now, how can you monitor your creativity, very simple, learn as much as possible to open yourself to new ideas and challenging germane experiences.

Four, creativity is like a brainstorm that happens when you least expect it. This simply means that you can be creative at anytime. Your role is to give yourself to it. Funke Akindele said, it’s when she is under the shower that she gets inspiration to write her episodes motive, Jenifa’s Dairy. Can you imagine that? The lesson learnt here is that, you can get inspired anytime, anywhere and on any day: release yourself and dont be stringent about your opinion on creativity.

Now, let me give you some ways to be creative. One, give yourself to reading. This is an age referred to as opportunists age. People burgle one another works through reading. If you are not interested in reading at all, please for the sake of being relevant, pick up that stick today. Read acronyms, Treasure Explicit Accentuation or Assimilation Daily.

Two, always have time to think. Cogitation is a form of deep think- have time for that and play when you are getting bored.

Three, be flexible. Flexibility matters more in times when you need different situations to work out fine. For instance, in photography, there are different weather conditions that will force a photographer to be flexible about his dogma. Also, there are different people with different shapes, height and complexions that require a different postures and modes of capturing. Also, photography does not only deal with portraits. We have still life, micro and other types that has to do with being creative. Generally, photography is about creativity. Any adjective that fits in appropriately to replace photography is creativity. And this creativity must flow every time if one must remain a well respected and relevant lensman.

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Much have been said on this topic, Necessary Quagmire for Creativity. In summary, three things still stand out, flexibility, innovation and indefatigability. These must always be your yardsticks.

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