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Leaving all The Drama Behind

leave the drama behind
leave the drama behind
leaving all the drama behind

“I’m walking away from the troubles in my life
I’m walking away oh to find a better day
I’m walking away from the troubles in my life
I’m walking away oh to find a better day
I’m walking away”

This is the chorus to Craig David’s song “walking away.” Listening to that popular song, which was a hit in 2008 by the way, you could see that someone was tired of all the troubles they had to put up with for a long time and they had to move forward leaving behind all the drama associated with their erstwhile relationship. Why would anyone do everything to be in a relationship then, they end up fighting to get out like it’s some kitchen where they can’t stand the heat, and have to get out.

There are different types of relationships and they all come with their own drama. Or, it is better said like this; people come into relationships with their homegrown drama, always giving the other person enough of it that will make them choke to death. Some relationships happen by nature – that is, ones with brothers and sisters and the rest of your family tree. You can’t run from this ones. Conversely, we have the relationships by choice – which is with friends, colleagues, classmate, lover etc. This ones, you can rent one of the fastest cars in the world – a MacLaren F1 car, be on your top speed far away from them. However, your legs don’t need a kick stater, just walk away first, as a first aid kit for setting behind all the drama.

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We all go into relationships for reasons best known to us. Some of us have been in relationships where we felt choked because the other person has a reservoir of drama and nagging to offer us. They always thought the relationship was about them. And we have had enough of all the emotional drainage we experienced in the process of enduring in such toxic relationships. Because we want sanity, we want peace, we want to be able to think straight, all the emotional baggages weighing us down had to be dropped; and we had to look forward, explore, get some fresh air, face life again with the right mindset. This kind of scenario perfectly paints the kind of relationship that exists between a man and a woman.

The rate at which men and women get in and out of relationships, you would know many of them have managed to finally put a stop to all the drama they had to endure in the course of their long or short relationship (married or dating or engaged). They say there is a good reason why that particular person has become your Ex so there is no need to go back to them. Would you consider a toxic relationship filled with all kinds of original drama, which ended, a good reason never to go back to that person who was the source of all the headache? Many of us know thats a very good reason. Because toxic relationships have reduced many people to dummies, they can’t think for themselves. They are emotionally abused and are most likely going to withdraw from other people who care about them. Self esteem is thrown out the window, because they have been battered with depressing words coming from someone they care about the most. The only time such a relationship seem to have a conversation is when they have arguments and a partner’s energy is drained. A relationship filled with drama is one with abundant sadness and there the constant consideration of leaving. Nobody deserves such a relationship.

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There is only one way to end such a relationship. Run! You don’t need a PhD degree for you to realise that you are lost in such a relationship. It is hard sometimes to leave such a relationship. When you have been battered and stripped off all that makes you human in a relationship, it can be really hard to let go. It may seem life will just end the moment one starts considering leaving. But every dark tunnel such has a bright other side. Without the courage and will to leave at once, crawl however slow you can, at least continuous little progress is still something. You want to have your life back. You want to be able to smile again. You want to have a light heart. You want to stop feeling like you are overweight when you are not. You can leave that toxic relationship. You can chart a new course for a happy and fulfilling life again. It’s all in your hands.

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