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Lagos Traditional Wedding Party Like Cynthia and Michael’s

Lagos traditional wedding party

A complete Lagos traditional wedding party, when done in a day, comprises of the three stages namely, Engagement (Trad Wedding), White Wedding and reception. Some couples set a date for their engagement and another date for white white wedding. It is basically done according to your preference. Anyway, many couples prefer to do the two stages within a day because it is cost-effective.


What are Saturdays for, in Lagos? Look all around you from the streets to the road, all kinds of colours come alive, indicating active social activities like Lagos traditional wedding parties and other events are drawing to people to themselves. They are days when we have our ‘owambes’ and everybody is wearing a uniform called the ‘aso ebi’ and are ready to hit the dance floor of all the wedding parties taking place at various event centres in lagos metropolis.

A slice of all the busy numbers looking pretty in their native attire attending one event or another, making Saturday look like Monday rush hours, have made it a ‘mission possible’ to be present at Cynthia and Michael’s all colourful Lagos traditional wedding party.

Lagos traditional wedding party

It all started on a good note; a wedding photographer getting the hug of his life in the early hours of the wedding day because he came early enough, from the bride, who, didn’t spare any emotions on seeing him even before her makeup session started. You can bet it wasn’t my assistant that was hugged. I would question him for insubordination if he got what rightfully belonged to his boss.

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The groom needing almost no attention from the makeup artist and photographers, man is just good to go. In fact, Michael was already doing the engagement rites while Cynthia was getting ready with make up and other stuff. We know how preparing the bride for her wedding eats into the official time of the event. It is an opportunity for any good wedding photographer out there to take some concept shots of the bride, and the groom, if time permits. As expected, I became a co-culprit in using up some of that time of the event doing some really good portrait shooting.

For a Lagos wedding photographer like me, conceptually photographing the bride’s beauty accessories, ‘aso ebi’ and her makeup session, is the early morning ritual before the commencement of their Lagos traditional wedding party.

Lagos traditional wedding party

You expect an average Lagos traditional wedding party to be colourful, elegant, cultural and traditional, yes, Cynthia and Michael’s traditional wedding won’t disappoint you. Open your eyes to a pretty gallery of what a beautifully Lagos tradition wedding looks like. Starting from beautiful traditional wedding accessories of course.

Traditional Wedding Accessories

You wonder why the Nigerian bride look beautifully unique on her wedding day. You will escape your bewilderment if you can come to the terms with the fact that simply embracing one’s own traditions and culture and looking the part, sets you apart from everyone else. These are some of the accessories that set the Nigerian brides apart from other brides in the world.

Lagos traditional wedding party


Groomsmen With The Gele Of Life

What would you do at your wedding reception party without your fun-loving friends to grace the occasion. Michael’s friends, the groomsmen, came gallantly to have their gele tied and looking everything like how Nigerian ladies appear at weddings looking like stylish ornaments. These guys are definitely giving all Nigerian ladies a run for their money in the looks department. By the way,  What is the life of a wedding party/reception without the fun part.


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