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iTasha the Talented Singer and Songwriter Doing Portrait Poses like a Goddess

iTasha, the Talented Nigerian Singer and Songwriter

iTasha the talented singer and songwriter featuring Davido in this new single ‘Sheri’

Style is personal. Fashion is personal. Lifestyle is personal. Our uniqueness in the way see the world and how the world sees us, is a one-man business. How we repeatedly show to people that this is how we believe we are determined how they will eventually fine tune their own perception of us. iTasha, the Talented Singer and Songwriter came to this world not only to showcase her singing talent, she’s a fashionista as well.
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Making one’s pathway in life shouldn’t be determined by how others perceive the world, it should solely be how they see and relate to the world around them. So, it is a personal thing when we are talking about one’s fashion statement or lifestyle or their own way of relating socially with other people.

iTasha, the Talented Nigerian Singer and Songwriter

The ideal female model for many is a tall, slender looking figure, not figure 8 or what the ladies call hour glass. She’s has to be straight like the letter “I” usually with no threatening backside and a futuristic frontal that could make a straight man have a head-on collision with a moving vehicle. Consciously or unconsciously we have created a standard in our head which makes us to see any tall girl as a potential model if she’s not one.

iTasha, the Talented Nigerian Singer and Songwriter

And for the male models, we are looking for big biceps, all round muscularity, an imposing height, a gait that is asshole-like, beefed up attitude, some egotistic demeanour, that bad boy look and a good looking face to top it all. The guys can be excused a bit as we don’t we don’t always think the tall ones should be models. However, as tall and imposing as they are, we are sure of one thing; the tall-dark-and-handsome fantasiser have stories and tales by moon light to tell us; the kind of stories only the gods can listen to and comprehend.

iTasha, the Talented Nigerian Singer and Songwriter

Very far away from all our believe and conception of what a model should look like, is Ifeoluwa David a.k.a iTasha; it is as if she’s completely oblivious of the general concept. She’s got a carriage so convincing you’d soft-pedal on trying to tell her what is and what isn’t.
Another song: Conversation

At our first meeting with iTasha, the Talented Singer and Songwriter, I had my doubts. Seeing her petite frame and only giving her the credit for her fine face, I thought so minimal of her; not knowing a girl only came in a small package but has got the mind and confidence of a bulldozer, destroying every block of doubt I have built my impression of her upon.

A girl won’t let a man hold on to his stereotypical thought – of a petite lady not having what it takes to walk the catwalk of world-level runways, strike the killer pose of a super model, have the best fashion designers in the world jostle to have their designs measure up to cover her, fashion magazines climbing over each other to interview her.

Straight out of Yabatech, is iTasha who puts her own runway on the street! Giving to the overnight audiences an opportunity to be in their cars and still have the luxury of a witnessing a portrait model parade onslaught.

Her portraiture-style moves, the type only an international photographer like TimelyShot can meticulously time and capture. Movements only meant for the lens and eyes that pays great attention to detail. A portraiture-style maneuvering meant to be displayed on billboards all over the world.

iTasha, the Talented Nigerian Singer and Songwriter

Don’t hold your breathe just yet; you see a girl coming in a petite package but she has huge dreams… dreams 6ft models find to be too tall for their own height. Not just dreams to be a singer, not just dreams to be known as iTasha; you will see her on the world stage shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Jhene Aiko, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Kim So Hyang, Johnny Drille who are the artistes she looks up to in the music industry.
Brown Skin Girl cover by iTasha

And which one of these favs would iTasha love to meet? Beyoncé Knowles, people!

You would think it all ends there. But I can assure you, tickling your curiosity of an impending write up on other talents iTasha is bundled with is not what I am good at. I can just go ahead and start revealing everything right now; but a girl is a gift to the world, let me unwrap her gently and carefully, hoping to elicit the kind of reaction expressed by someone who just got a surprise gift, from you.

Look at a superstore, the myriad of people that throng in and out it on a daily basis and it seems they cannot get enough of the products inside the store. In comparison, iTasha, the Talented Singer and Songwriter is a superstore of talents of her own kind. I don’t think you can get enough of her – multifaceted kind of artiste. Apart from being able to model and sing like Beyoncé, she writes, she draws, she paints.

Get to know more about this amazing talent by heading straight to her IG handle.

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