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How Did You Meet Show

On How Did You Meet SHOW, we are going to have fun talking with soon-to-be-married couples, about their beautiful, romantic, adventurous and challenging pre wedding moments in their love lives, leading up to their wedding date. The first couple of months they were into their relationship, when they couldn’t do without each other. New couples, bride and groom to-be, must have spent some unforgettable moments together, times that tested their resolve to keep the flames of their relationship burning.

There’s A Wedding Date

Times when it was good, and times when it was not so good. Regardless, a wedding date has been set. Before finally walking down the aisle to tie the knot, we want these soon-to-be-married couples to join us on the How Did You Meet Show to talk about these beautiful moments, before life gets busier with the responsibilities that come with getting married. Let’s have fun celebrating your love life on the show.

Why Do We Care

We as a media company, we have been covering weddings and events for quite a while. We realized we don’t know much about our couple/clients who booked us to cover their weddings and events. Therefore, we have decided as a company that cares about its client, to create an exciting avenue (How Did You Meet Show) to get to know more about our couples. It should not be business as usual, hence the birth of our debut program HowDidYouMeet Show.

If you are an intending couple and you feel your love story is beautiful and worth talking about, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s have fun relishing the beauty of your  pre wedding romantic life with your soon-to-be spouse. You are sure to have a fun time with us on the show.

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So, who is going to be our first couple on the show? Stay tuned and connected to us to find out.   ONLY THE PRECIOUS MOMENTS…..

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