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Having A Newborn In The Family

It’s an arena of ecstasy. A concatenation of felicitations galore from everyone. Sinach, in her song “I know Who I am,” said, dance to the Lord! It’s a day that calls for celebrations. With warm fuzzies do parents welcome their newborn. To start with, that day, the home seems the most lively. The house wears a new look in preparation to accommodating this precious new member of the family. The wall is painted cream, offwhite or/and lilac colours. The home is basically renovated with news furnitures, beddings, floor covering etc. It is not very hard to distinguish, on that day, between a building and a home. Just before the arrival of this glorious baby, everywhere is well set and ready to welcome the August visitor.

Another president, professor or CEO is about to arrive. The respect and preparations in anticipation for a baby is far more than that one you did when you were preparing to go for your first job interview, am I correct? Guess I am always correct; you ensured that you wore the correct suit with matching colour tie and shoes, hair neatly cut, packed or combed hair, shoes receiving the highest application of polish to remain glittering, but you remember that your house is not in order. You have probably ransacked everywhere looking for one thing or the other. I think if jobs are being awarded based on how neat our homes are, very few will get good jobs, am I correct? Anyway, just a digression, that is not where I’m going today.

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Further more, there is the phenomenon that every baby enjoys this unique treatments from his parents and family members. Say the baby is the first born after some years of waiting and praying (just like the case with Hannah, in the bible). You will see how parents will be very happy to see and have him cuddled in their arms. Some are always envious of him. You will hear the mom calling, “omo mi o (my baby) – as if she got the pregnancy all by herself”. You will see her singing all sort of songs. A new television is in the house that everybody wants to look at every time. A brand new iPhone is here that needs incessant touch. A new baby is the apple of his parents’ eyes.

Funke Akindele

To the mother, though the umbilical cord has been cut at birth, but the attachment is still very strong and ample. She understands every need of her baby. When the baby needs suck, she never procrastinate. Her succulent breasts bearing the baby’s favourite food are allowed to be sucked at every point in time. “Oh, it’s good food for you, suck my baby, suck” (words of the mother). The baby makes humming while sucking, to show how enjoyable the breast milk is. My mom once told me that I sucked the most. I was like, how come do I still like fortified milk? She always knows when the baby needs a good rest. She makes her couch and lay her gently on it. While doing laundry, she keeps an eye on him. The joy is elating, erasing all fatigues. Mothers are the greatest companions and confidants to their babies.

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The father is not left behind. He does all the callings and dissemination of the good news. Apart from the Gospel, the only respected good news is the arrival of a baby. He makes sure that he preaches about it to every of his colleagues, relations, inlaws and neighbours. He never leaves any stone unturned with regards to calling everybody that needs that goodnews. It looks like a heavy load that he has been carrying for a period of 180 days has just been moved away. His tied tongue loosed and an authoritative word comes to him, Ephphatha – Be opened! There is a saying that a joyous man is a gisting man. He has something new to disseminate. He comes home and tells his wife. My dear, I’ve just called mom to inform her about the arrival of our new baby. Who else do you think I need to inform?… Sure, I’ve called all of them.

When my eldest sister gave birth to her third baby, she need not tell anyone in the school she works. He daughter (9yrs) and son (4yrs) disseminated all that information. In fact, she even told me that was living with them (to show how happy she was). See how joyful (joy full and joy of food) both of them were. She sings for her everyday. Her mom report that the four year old boy kisses her whenever she’s crying. The joy is so great and wonderful! The same with every family. The siblings are the happiest. They now have someone to play with and tell stories to. While some are happy because they now have the privilege to make the newborn the victim of many lies they will tell their mother. Mom asks, who ate that bread? It’s your baby (they have forgotten that the baby is just three weeks old).

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Lastly, Granny is not left behind. She travels all the way from her place not minding distance. She baths the baby everyday and massages his or her body. She takes good care of the mother too.

The joy of having a newborn is transcending! It’s inexhaustible. Eni to kan lomo (Only those that is happening to can vivid express how exuberantly flabbergasted they feel).

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