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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hold my hand, look into my eyes, smile because you know I will smile. We are two different people living a life of one. The moon glow at night, because it knows I would need to find your face, where I get my glow for the night. Everyday ends quickly even though we walk hand in hand slowly, hoping that everyday would stay forever. Each day gives us it time limit as to how they can endure our heart exchange, but we are forever, our love is not time bound.

Don’t go into the arms of another one, you don’t know their heart like you know mine. I am not the perfect one for you. All I can be is the one ready to accept your flaws knowing how much I am flawed too. You had all the good reason to let go of our love, but you would not let go. I see you, I see a lover, teaching me how love should not fail. But I am a failure, because you care for me so much yet I make you cry within. Forgive me.

Our union is the one of two imperfect beings working lovingly together to fill the empty spaces. Valentine’s day is not the only day we have chosen to do what we are addicted to. I am addicted to you everyday, like I am really going to need everyday named after Saint Valentine. If we set aside a day to love each other, we must have been hating each other through other days.

I remember like yesterday, the day I met you and how my heart was racing. The way you looked at me, your face looking radiant, with a smile to die for, I knew we were both heading to the finish line at the same speed. Today we still race with each other deep inside just like yesteryears. Yesterday is gone, today is come, tomorrow will come, we are one.

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