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Happy Birthday Mrs Debola Deji-Kurumi

We, the team of photography sharp shooters (TimelyShot Photography Team) were invited over to Mrs Deji-Kurumi’s Lekki, Lagos residence to do what we know how to do best – getting people shot (photographically) and making them happy about it. We went with our photography equipments (steadied, aimed, and shot creatively) and did justice to her birthday; by getting her best poses, her best smile, those lovely moments she will cherish forever, with her husband and kids; all covered.

She being someone who feels good and beautiful before the lenses, we had a swell time photo shooting her and her family. Its her birthday! She’s got all the right in the world to photographically document this special day in her life. On our part as Professional Lagos Photographers, it is special moments like this that we want to be part of. It is moments like this that we want to help you keep for a very long time.

To us at TimelyShot Photography, we believe people’s lives are precious and short (if lived well), no one deserves to go through life not having photos of important moments like this in their lives. Everyone deserves good memories like this. That is why we are in the business of photography. We want to be there with you. Just like we were there at Mrs Deji-Kurumi’s special day and the result of the encounter was mind-blowing – beautiful smiles, beautiful poses, happy children, happy mum and proud husband.

Once again, we are wishing Mrs Deji-Kurumi aka DDK, the Executive Director, Ideation Hub Africa, A happy birthday. Long life and prosperity. And more grease to her elbow because she is a hardworking woman. A woman whose uplifting words will bring positive and productive change to the lives people who have the privilege of coming in contact with her. God bless you.

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From TimelyShot Photography Team.

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