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Fun Moments At A Wedding Reception

wedding funny moments

What would you classify as a fun moment at a wedding reception or event you attended? Have you had that crazy “wow” moment where your mouth was left open in such amazement that it took you some time to realize part of you was left unattended to, and you just comport yourself and closed your mouth. They are those utter fun moments at a wedding reception which you were not expecting to happen.

Fun Instances

Fun moments at a wedding reception

One instance; the audience at a wedding are always electrifying when the bride and groom effortlessly take dancing to a level that is unprecedented. For the many wedding I have covered as a professional wedding photographer, I have noticed only instances where either the groom is the one dancing to the satisfaction of his heart and his bride just isn’t that fun, or it is the bride bursting some dances move and the groom is just looking like someone who is in serious debt.

Groom looking for work

Another instance; the groom goes right under his bride’s wedding dress looking for what is not lost. And the bride, bewildered by such action from her groom, only has one reaction to that; to laugh uncontrollably to why a grown man would go under looking for what maybe employment like job seeker in the Nigerian job market. Who knows! There could be some barbing, plaiting, combing, hair dressing jobs to do there. — one fun moment at a wedding reception, I guess.

The crazy best man

Okay. This is kind of bizarre. One I saw on one of the social media networks, where the best man was dancing with the bride in a rather suspicious manner. How can you be dancing with your friend’s bride like you guys are in the room and about to do “the do.”

He literally was touching her all over her body, and the reaction from the bride was one of a compliment rather than disgust. The visibly irritated groom not taking any of that swung into action like king Kong (I could see an imaginary chest beating before…) protecting that lady who was always in one danger or another… alternating right and left hand slaps, in quick succession, on the back of his best man to let go of his beautiful, ‘innocent’ bride. That instance isn’t funny.

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The god of dance

Another fun moment at a wedding reception that I cannot forget in a jiffy is, the groom who brought all his dancing arsenal to his wedding reception. He came with the whirlwind effect to his entrance; pulling everybody’s attention and making them leave their seat just to have a glimpse of what is going on. One-man army, he used his arsenal of dancing prowess to bring all the guests to a particular spot in the event hall.

Get a funky MC; equals a fun moment at a wedding reception

A piece of advice, before I talk about one of the funniest moments at a wedding reception I covered: Get Yourself A Funky MC. Enough said.

When I say “wedding MCs should have the magic.” I am talking about a point in the middle of the program, out of nowhere, where he’ll ask for a kind of performance that takes everyone unaware. You know that moment when, you are watching a magician perform… nothing surprises you about his performance because you know it is regular magic. But a move he pulls of, all a sudden, hits home, and you are like, “damn, how did he do that.”

At the reception, the guests were living their normal lives as ‘law abiding citizens’ of the ‘wedding reception country’ enjoying the regular MC funny antics. Maybe the MC realized he wasn’t having the desired impression on the guests, or a light was shone on him from above and a master stroke idea permeated, I would never know.

Groomsmen all decked up in gele

The “up NEPA” effect was registered everywhere in the reception hall when the MC called the groomsmen to the center stage to come and experience what it is like for a lady to dress up for an occasion. Most men would naturally not want to be bothered about adding some “extra, extra, extra” something on themselves, they just want to look plain and simple and time conscious about it. We all know the ‘hell’ many ladies go through to look like that perfect Barbie doll. To men doing this for the first time, it creates the perfect fun moment that is unexpected.

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Fun moments at a wedding reception

So, having men walk in the shoes of ladies just for a quarter mile, is like asking them to state how it feels going through MENstrual pain. They sure would have no idea. However, the MC had the perfect idea to rouse up the guest into an electrifying ecstasy. Who wouldn’t be excited to see how well men do in a lady’s world. — of gele (female headgears) tying.

The subject of the matter here is, to have the men tie their gele (head gear) like some woman going for “parte after, parte after, parte after, parte…” When the MC made this announcement and the groomsmen were gathered to be dressed up, with the assistance of the bride train, many of the guest left their sits to come witness what seemed like the second coming of Christ.

Many were gathered to witness what men would like in women’s head gears. We are used to seeing men wear their plain, simple caps and looking handsome. But we have never seen a man go on to wear what looks like ancient ornaments on his head. In my opinion, it has a beautiful strangeness to it. One fun moment that reminds me a lot about Goke, the groom that rocked his wedding like a man under a beautiful spell.

Fun moments at a wedding reception

One of the most enjoyable part of this episode was the men’s reaction to how they looked in women’s head gears. Not one of them could contain the outburst of laughter on seeing the strange but funny coincidence they were transformed to, having the gele on their heads. It was a truck load of outpouring laughter from the guests that surround them. Many taking photos like the sudden paparazzi the have become. If this is not a fun moment at an event I wonder what else is.

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This is just enough for me. They should just keep it at them wearing only gele. I would not want to see them on Iro (wrapper) and buba (top), that will be the mother of all strangeness, and surviving that episode I would have to go for PTSD treatment.

Fun moments at a wedding reception

On the bright side, these guys look like some feminine handsomeness. It all looks like extraordinarily fashion, the likes you’ll see at a fashion show and never come across in everyday life. Like, a new fashion discovery meant for the future. However, men being men I don’t see us enduring the excruciating stress that comes with tying gele for some crazy fashion stunt or something. Plain and simple is the way to go for most men.

Ladies on the other hand, can put whole lot on their bodies for fashion and beauty sake and you’ll be forced to ask if those things are not stressing them out.

Fun moments at a wedding reception

On a concluding note, as a man or woman, what is that opposite sex fashion item you’ll rock and look very good putting it on? And, do you see yourself featuring something like this in your future wedding? What is your idea of a fun moment at a wedding reception?

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