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Finding Yourself in Love Triangle

love triangleLove triangle, like threesome, it involves three people. Being in a love triangle means you are one of the three angles found in a triangle. So, apart from you, there are two other people involved in a triangle of love. In contrast to threesome, this triangle does not guarantee fair treatment on all participants. In a threesome you are all aware of what you are getting into. But in a love triangle, you may not even have an idea you are a part of it. So how do people get into this complex relationship aware or unaware. Lets play a scenario here:

You are dating or married to your significant other. You guys love each other. You do things together. You have had your challenges and all and have been matured enough to overcome those challenges together. You both have vowed to remain together through thick and thin. In fact, you trust each other so much that you don’t think there could be any intruder strong enough to usurp the peace and tranquility you are experiencing in your relationship. By all standard you seem to have one of the best relationships on earth. Your friends and family envy your kind of relationship and they want one like that. Who doesn’t want a kind of relationship like that anyway; One like that which is only real in a many people’ fantasy.

One beautiful morning you are on your way to work. Like those gangsters in the movies would pull up abruptly few metres away from their target, someone just pulls up beside you making you develop a reflex in an instant. And you are thinking who is this that want to take your life while you are still young. At least they could have waited till you get old and tired before pulling such stunt on you. Hey, lo and behold, your long lost love is right there in the car. Setting your eyes on them immediately takes away your specially reserved lashing you were about to administer to them like you are one diligent, hardworking nurse. Long story short, you talk about the sweet old times, you exchange numbers, you have meet at different spots. As all of this is going on, you are now attached to this old love. Not that you are cheating on your partner but this person that just surface in your life all of a sudden has now been given a plot of land in your heart’s vast real estate.

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This new relationship of yours, whether your partner knows about it or not, there’s bound to be jealousy here and there especially when you are sharing the time meant for your partner with this new person. When you are not around your partner and busy with work and you get back home late, there’s bound to be some suspicion because your partner knows they are not the only you are sharing your time with. And if your partner is not in the know about this your new relationship, then you and your new friend are spending time together making your partner the stranger. To make the triangle really complex, you start harbouring thoughts of the likelihood that you could get back with your ex and you are getting real close to them. Your ex on the other hand feel they are more deserving of you than your current partner, but they would stick by and wait till you realise that. Your current partner is oblivious of all this going on. All they know is that they have a healthy relationship going on. Any of the three of you could end up being the partner who is oblivious of this hidden likeness going on. Any any of you could be that partner who knows about this and feels threatened, and they worry and always full of suspicion. Congratulations, you have a love triangle on your neck. You have worked hard to get to this point. We are all proud of you.

The love triangle relationship can happen in a variety of ways. This is just one out of many. Many people are in a love triangle they don’t even know it. Ignorance is bliss, oh my. And those that are aware of it are either the major actors or they are the ones on the receiving end of the hurt and pain that come out of such a relationship. But you can get out of a love triangle by dealing with it.

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