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bride-to-be and her friends at the bridal shower

#Bridalshower to gba’yi for the #moniyi19 queen, before her #weddingday

Pretty Modupe is not done just yet. She’s on your matter like persistence. Her friends are making sure she enjoys everything bit of the period before her wedding with the sugar in her tea, the cockroach in her cupboard, the butter on her bread, the love of her life – Omoniyi. It was her and Omoniyi at the time of the prewedding shoot saga; in this bridal shower, it is her and hers – the beautiful, loyal and supportive friends […]

What is going to happen on #moniyi19 wedding day.

It will surely be like every other day but not like every other wedding. This blog title was inspired by one of my cousins who told me “e go loud gaan” as we were discussing about what we hoped it would look like, and feel like this forthcoming wedding ceremony, with the main attraction being Modupe and Omoniyi #moniyi19 . Since Yoruba weddings (like other weddings) are characteristically full of people who are connected to the couple one way or […]

Why the bride look the happiest on her wedding day

Why won’t the woman look the happiest when she knows that she’s at will to choose between working or being a full house wife? Why won’t she, when is gaining freedom from papa and mama who monitor every of her movement, conversation and decision. Why won’t she? If you were to be in her shoes, wouldn’t you have felt the same way? This looks like a joke but is the sad truth. Women are created to be loved and cared […]

Love and Compatibility

Sometimes, I see people haggling with life’s esoteric challenges and problems. They have gone different ways to ensure that solution is proffered. But alas, no definite solution accomplished! Nonetheless, if you have tried every other ways without any remarkable success in your approach, you need to go the way of love. That will, undoubtedly, record a colossal success and achievement in your pursuit. Love is a universal language that every living things understand. You can not underestimate the power of […]

Who Loves More

Who Loves More In A Relationship? Love should flow freely from both sides if a relationship will not sink at any time soon. Many a times, one party expects more from the other. However, the normal love rule should be on equality. There are different costly errors people made while trying to love that I’ve read, witnessed and watched. It happened that one was trying to show more love to the other and that resulted in jealousy. The aftermaths was […]

Can Loving Someone Be Too Much

When it comes to matters relating to love, one needs to be wise. If you are to distribute questionnaires to a group of hundred persons asking them this same questions, you will be receiving funny views. Someone said, it is not always good to follow what the masses say except you have proven them correct. We have fact, fad and fables on love. One should be able to know how these three are interpreted and in which situations they are […]

Is the white wedding necessary

Today, we are going to be ruminating on a very germane topic that has always put would-be bride and groom into confusion and trepidation. Although, this shouldn’t have been but for phobias of the reactions from parents (especially, mothers-in-law) and the expectations of well-wishers in quoth. Let me establish a fact, marriage is not a function of human beings but God unctions or instituted it so therefore, there are laydown injunctions. Now, many people believed that if you don’t do […]

Getting Married

She may be many things to many people; she’s everything to you as her only apple. She deeply feels the more loved by every word, action and care you are give her. And that’s the more reason she has escorted you up to this point. It’s time to fulfil your promise of unparallel care and devotion. It’s high time you spent your dollars of affections and Euro of affabilities to the one and only jet that will forever fly you […]