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Happiness is always from the inside

Why You Need to Take Control Your Happiness

Napoleon Hill in his book, “Success Through Positive Mental Attitude” highlighted some necessary virtues that help one succeed in life’s pursuits. Explicitly written in the list are self-discipline, creative ability, enthusiasm, personal initiative, master mind, accurate thinking et all. One major quality that binds these together is happiness. When you are happy with yourself, you’ll be disciplined, increase your creative ability, have a well organised personal initiative and be enthusiastic about success. These are all borrowed words from those who […]

Love and Compatibility

Sometimes, I see people haggling with life’s esoteric challenges and problems. They have gone different ways to ensure that solution is proffered. But alas, no definite solution accomplished! Nonetheless, if you have tried every other ways without any remarkable success in your approach, you need to go the way of love. That will, undoubtedly, record a colossal success and achievement in your pursuit. Love is a universal language that every living things understand. You can not underestimate the power of […]

The Family Unit

It’s generally believed that every great man (man and woman) originated from a responsible family. No doubt, family has a strong cord that connects one’s past actions with present achievements. But, families also offer both good and bad products every now and then. However, it’s not the product that matters when it come to family upbringing- it’s the inestimable virtue and adulating etiquette being displayed by the progenitors. Family unit is one that should be given rapt attention to as […]

Challenges of a lagos Photographer

It’s significantly apparent that you always need one more thing that will make your functions attain that plenary stage. Everybody wants his events to be amongst the list of the most talked about, however, how many are able to pay the full price? That aside, I will not be reticent to speak against some uncouth practices to those who anchor our functions. I think it’s very wrong to bestow all the kudos to the Master of Ceremonies while neglecting other […]


What Are Friends For

When people are talking about mishaps on waterways and insecurity in marine transportation I always reaffirm that the safest ship anyone can charter is a friend’s ship. There are lots of problems, challenges and difficulties everywhere but the good news is that, the only place you can always find solace and comfort is in a trustworthy friend. In fact, the bible says, there is a friend that is closer to someone than his relations. Therefore, friendship is a strong mutual […]

Is the white wedding necessary

Today, we are going to be ruminating on a very germane topic that has always put would-be bride and groom into confusion and trepidation. Although, this shouldn’t have been but for phobias of the reactions from parents (especially, mothers-in-law) and the expectations of well-wishers in quoth. Let me establish a fact, marriage is not a function of human beings but God unctions or instituted it so therefore, there are laydown injunctions. Now, many people believed that if you don’t do […]

beard gang

Being The #beardgang

What comes to mind the moment you set your eyes on a man with growth of hair on their chin and lower cheeks of their face? In other words, what comes to mind on sighting the beard one a.k.a Beard gang. I sure know what comes to my mind. At the sighting of a beard one, I am immediately taken back to a time I, plus my young ancestors never existed, a long time ago when man had a crude […]