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wedding funny moments

Fun Moments At A Wedding Reception

What would you classify as a fun moment at a wedding reception or event you attended? Have you had that crazy “wow” moment where your mouth was left open in such amazement that it took you some time to realize part of you was left unattended to, and you just comport yourself and closed your mouth. They are those utter fun moments at a wedding reception which you were not expecting to happen. Fun Instances One instance; the audience at […]

The #bridegroom with a mission other than to #wed and #bewedded – the #dance lord

It could be that Goke did not bother to check with other bridegrooms that have gone through the rituals of a wedding day – to know how much of a silence and over seriousness you need to maintain in order to portray the ‘proper bridegroom’ image as they are notoriously known for. He graced his own traditional wedding with the kind of dance steps that you can only see from an overzealous or joyous guest. At a point, I was […]

What is going to happen on #moniyi19 wedding day.

It will surely be like every other day but not like every other wedding. This blog title was inspired by one of my cousins who told me “e go loud gaan” as we were discussing about what we hoped it would look like, and feel like this forthcoming wedding ceremony, with the main attraction being Modupe and Omoniyi #moniyi19 . Since Yoruba weddings (like other weddings) are characteristically full of people who are connected to the couple one way or […]

Why the bride look the happiest on her wedding day

Why won’t the woman look the happiest when she knows that she’s at will to choose between working or being a full house wife? Why won’t she, when is gaining freedom from papa and mama who monitor every of her movement, conversation and decision. Why won’t she? If you were to be in her shoes, wouldn’t you have felt the same way? This looks like a joke but is the sad truth. Women are created to be loved and cared […]

Yoruba Naming Ceremony

There is an inestimable axiom that a child tends to live out the meaning of his name, thus, this apparently underscores the dignity placed on and justified the emergence of christening rite. Naming ceremony in Yoruba land is very distinct and done with utmost care. It is natural for Yoruba families and relatives to expect to see a protruding tummy on the wife some months after she and the husband have done their Yoruba traditional and the white wedding. And […]

Development Dialogue 2017

From Development Dialogue 2017 handbook: Development Dialogue is Nigeria’s leading thought-leadership Conference for Development Practitioners, Social Innovators, Social Entrepreneurs and NGO Players. It provides a rally point for thinkers, doers and changemakers who envision a better future for Africa, and are working actively for social good. This year we explore the next big ideas, celebrate the power of social innovation to solve pressing problems and the role of the third sector as a key driver of economic growth and national […]