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#Bridalshower to gba’yi for the #moniyi19 queen, before her #weddingday

bride-to-be and her friends at the bridal shower
A beautiful smile transmitting live from Modupe

Pretty Modupe is not done just yet. She’s on your matter like persistence. Her friends are making sure she enjoys everything bit of the period before her wedding with the sugar in her tea, the cockroach in her cupboard, the butter on her bread, the love of her life – Omoniyi. It was her and Omoniyi at the time of the prewedding shoot saga; in this bridal shower, it is her and hers – the beautiful, loyal and supportive friends – they are not taking it easy at all (don’t sleep on it). See the way I am talking as if the bridal shower should have involve Omoniyi.

Sorry bro, Modupe is going through a phase in her life right now that can’t accommodate you, safe for the male photographer who is going to cover the female-only affair. These ladies are doing everything to make their friend happy. I wonder what Omoniyi’s friends are cooking up for him.

Short video documenting Modupe’s reaction when she realised what was happening

It all started as a secret plan. Modupe’s friends came together to hash out a plan behind her back, on how they will surprise her with a bridal shower. Before this post, I did a one on their prewedding shoot saga. You should check out the photos if you have not seen it.

The million dollar bridal smile

Beautiful friends of the bride-to-be

Speaking about friends. If I just have friends like modupe’s who have gone out of their way to sew threads of happiness on her wife materialistic self(how many yards by the way), I know I will just wake up one day and a group of loyal friends will just come to me and surprise me with a duplex and a tear rubber, top of the notch car. After that, they will just organize visas for me to travel up and down the world like some “ajala travel all over the world” geek.

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If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, bah?

Omoshalewa and Modupe; friends for life

And Modupe, the lady at the center of it all. Let us welcome the beautiful, semi-opelenge, fulani fine girl, yoruba fine girl, omo mummy e, omo dadi e, the beautiful wife material Omoniyi took away from the market without negotiation, to a new and forever chapter of her life. Go to the market and ask for her type and they will tell you, “a o ni iru material yen mo.” She’s one in a million. She deserves all your best wishes, prayers and gifts.

This is an opportune time to show how much you care about the bride-to-be, success of her wedding day and her marriage. All those promises of gifts you quietly made concerning Modupe’s special day, this is the time to redeem them. In just some days from now, on the 8th of June to be precise, we are going to witness her given in marriage to the love of her life, Omoniyi. Show your happiness for their union by supporting them anyway you can. Let us make it unforgettable for her. A day she’ll look back to and all her countenance will be charged up with smiles and laughter.

It is a blinding fact Pe, that day, O ma loud gan!

What do you say to a young bride just starting out at married life?? After all the gift giving we would definitely support her with prayers and heartfelt wishes. From all of us at TimelyShot Photography, we wish and pray that your wedding that will happen on the 8th of June would be a success and as you go into your marriage proper we pray it will be filled with harmony, pure love, joy of the lord, joy of beautiful kids, joy of person success and family success, Good health bestowed from heaven above. In Jesus name. Amen.

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bride to be with her friends
Chop kiss

You can pen down your heartfelt wishes for Modupe and Omoniyi (#moniyi19) for their wedding day and marriage in the comment section below. The couple will be seeing them and they will be glad and appreciative you did. Thank you very much.

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  1. This badass photographer dey burst my head. I am using this comment to recommend you. Good job

  2. I am yet to meet Modupe but Niyi has been one of the few outstanding guys with unreserved access to me anytime any day. I know Niyi is a great guy, very intelligent and caring, with the few things I have seen with Modupe I am sure both of you will make a perfect couple.

    It is my prayer for you both that heaven will release great Blessings on you IJN Amen. Ema Niyi Ema Dupe.

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