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How Did You Meet Show

On How Did You Meet SHOW, we are going to have fun talking with soon-to-be-married couples, about their beautiful, romantic, adventurous and challenging pre wedding moments in their love lives, leading up to their wedding date. The first couple of months they were into their relationship, when they couldn’t do without each other. New couples, bride and groom to-be, must have spent some unforgettable moments together, times that tested their resolve to keep the flames of their relationship burning. There’s […]

my yoruba introduction

My Yoruba Introduction in Kabba

My going to Kabba for my Yoruba Introduction is not your regular travel experience out of Lagos. I can’t remember the last time I went that far away from Lagos. So, I decided in my mind of mind, and for the very life of me, to enjoy the experience as much as I can. More so, when it was mentioned by my wife-to-be that there are annual events slated for the time period we would be in Kabba; I looked […]

pretty Nigerian brides

Pretty Nigerian Brides That Are Eye-catching

A pretty Nigerian bride wakes up early in the morning of her big day thinking to herself, with the smile of a little girl promised all the candies in the world that, this is the day her heartthrob will ceremonially ’snatch’ her away from the people she had known all her life. Who would think she was wrong to think so. I for one would be behind her cheering her on because it is her “snatching away” day. My joy […]

the ring on your wedding ring finger

The Ring On Your Wedding Ring Finger

You would think the whole world woke one day and decided to be wearing a wedding ring or band for the sole purpose of wearing it.  Your wedding ring finger did not start adorning the ring for just showing your marital status. It actually had attached to it ancient believes that made it the preferred finger for wearing the wedding ring.  Like everything else which has a beginning, the wedding ring has a history with deep meanings other than it […]

Lagos traditional wedding party

Lagos Traditional Wedding Party Like Cynthia and Michael’s

A complete Lagos traditional wedding party, when done in a day, comprises of the three stages namely, Engagement (Trad Wedding), White Wedding and reception. Some couples set a date for their engagement and another date for white white wedding. It is basically done according to your preference. Anyway, many couples prefer to do the two stages within a day because it is cost-effective.   What are Saturdays for, in Lagos? Look all around you from the streets to the road, […]

a couple of dance moves

A Couple Of Dance Moves – O’FEKEMI’19

I have not seen a couple quite into the dance moves business like Kemi and her husband Femi – O’fekemi’19. I might have had my experience with a good dancer Goke, who opened the flood gate of excitement to the guests at his wedding reception, with dance moves that made his entrance quite exceptional. That experience is nothing compared to what a “couple of dance moves,” (as I would like to call them), performed before and during their wedding reception. […]

Marrying a Nigerian Bride as a Transactional Affair, and a Society That Prioritise Money Over Morals and Values

Marrying a Nigerian Bride as a Transactional Affair, and a Society That Prioritise Money Over Morals and Values

If money is the least of your problems, you have a 100 percent chance of living the best life in a money conscious society like Nigeria. Like every other thing you can use money to acquire, marrying a Nigerian bride, also taking into consideration all the customs and tradition you have to observe, having the right amount of money is the major determinant in wether the wedding will hold or not. You can singlehandedly determine the time and duration and […]

kneeling to propose marriage to a lady

Kneeling to Propose Marriage to a Lady and Why Yorubas Don’t Need It

Social media era Look all over the social media networks and you’ll be hypnotised by the barrage of proposal photos and videos. Men going on their kneels to propose to the love of their lives. Ladies, with their stretched out hands, catching all the necessary feelings for that special moment — looking overly surprised for what may eventually happen in their relationship. Everyone around keeping appointment with amazed expressions, begging and the lady to accept and let the gentleman get […]