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Being The #beardgang

beard gang
beard gang
Niyi is one beard gang with a smile

What comes to mind the moment you set your eyes on a man with growth of hair on their chin and lower cheeks of their face? In other words, what comes to mind on sighting the beard one a.k.a Beard gang. I sure know what comes to my mind. At the sighting of a beard one, I am immediately taken back to a time I, plus my young ancestors never existed, a long time ago when man had a crude type of civilisation. A time when a man would want to have sexual intercourse with his wife, in the euphoria of the earth-moving orgy, with the pistol on standby, he picks her up from the ground, throws her against the wall from quite a distance, and as she’s almost touching down, with a lightening speed running towards her, he is already half way. As she lands with her back on the wall, he is there, like a flash, finding his way back to where he came from. Did this kind of relationship even exist between a man and a woman back then, during those times of the unknown? I wouldn’t know! Don’t mind me. The beards have a way of making me to imagine the absolute crudity of man.

However, if you look at the bible from historical point of view, you will be justified to think that men, especially the prophets had their beards all grown, thick and intimidating. Today in church, if you care, you will be embarrassed seeing the brethren looking “smooth” and “clean” while you on the other hand, have your face in woods of an African thick forest. Conversely, you don’t need to read the quran before you realise that a good number of Muslims have joined gang – the beard gang. In this contemporary times it is a generally believe that if you have you whole face cleared and looking like a barren land, you are cool, you are hip, you are in vogue; above all, you are clean. Most corporate organisations will not tolerate that you join an association which tackles ‘deforestation.’ – such as a beard gang. Even the smallest unit of the society (family unit) where you can be yourself and not be criticised, don’t fancy having an afro on your chin and cheeks. Some ladies have had to tolerate having the boyfriends or husbands being the king of the jungle and they are safe in it because he has his eyes everywhere.

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As much as keeping the beard is seen as archaic, we somehow enjoy making a lifestyle of old look trendy in our time. Why would keeping the beard be trendy? It is because we now live in a time where doing something differently, being innovative is hip. We see celebrities like Rick Ross, Timaya, Dbanj, Desmond Eliot keep beards and we think it is the new trend in town. Anyway, here is a news flash for me and for you: keeping the beard is a new trend in town. Thanks to our celebrities, they have made it acceptable through their music video and movies. But I have not seen any celebrity go back to the hut or mud house to make a trend of them. Well, you have to travel physically back to the past like 200 years back to achieve that. Hope we can get a machine that can do that in the nearest future. But then, I would fear that some of this celebrities would go to the past and they are not able to make it back to the present because their tribe have used them for sacrifice.

Right now we have the beard gang all around us and they are not many. It will only takes courage and being defiant for a man to keep his beard in this day and age. Many who have summoned the courage to do so have been taken to the stakes of discouragement and rendered naked like a sheep that has been sheared. So, they have no choice than keep to the norm. Appreciate the few numbers who are blasting from the past and trending in the present.

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2 thoughts on Being The #beardgang

  1. I hate the name beard gang. That is not the name. The commandment says men must not trim their beard. For those whom God did not give the privilege of growing beard, they are not guilty of any crime against God in the beard growing aspect. Please read Lev.19 vs 27.

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