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Treasured Little Babies

The most sought after treasure that is cuddled in the arms with pleasure and loved to have in every leisure. Obviously, everybody knows what this riddle means. Babies are the heritage of God and the happiness of every parent. If the presence of your baby does not elate you then, you have a big problem. If someone talks about something that is invaluable, luminously bedazzling and transcendently fantabulous, it is nothing but a baby. If there is something that should make you to search out every nice word in the dictionary, it’s a baby. Lets look at it this way,

B- baby brings blessings and bounties.
A- baby brings accolades and abundance.
B- baby brings breakthroughs and betterments and
Y- baby increases yields.

If you are not happy or rich now, it is because you don’t have a baby yet. Every baby is a divine and perpetual source of blessings to his parents. Truly, a baby is like a patent of prosperity to his parents.

Considering the fact that the benefits of baby are too innumerable to highlight, I will like to group these into sub-themes that will later be elaborated on. The fact remains that, everybody (high or low, guru or mugu, rich or poor) was once a baby. So therefore, we want to talk about the metamorphoses of the baby.

Firstly, a baby (embryo) is form when the male gamete (sperm cell) meets with the female gamete (ovum or egg), during copulation. After some few weeks, the egg that has been mixed with sperm begins to develop and the embryo that has been formed changes to foetus (young baby) that is later given birth to after seven (premature) to nine months. Within this period, the mother experiences lot of discomforts, pain, eccentric desires, queasiness and other pregnancy related issues. But the joy of having her baby surpasses the pains of conception giving her nostalgia of hope. Now, on the day of delivery, it’s a battle between life and death. She will sometimes have to stop her breath just to exert force to push the baby out alive. Some will have their private body part cut (caesarean). The father runs helter-skelter like Togolese errand girl. Before the baby comes out, she has lost tons of blood so that by the time he/she is out, she is weak and feeble. But all these wouldn’t discourage her.

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Back home, his/her fragile cries create exigencies that cannot be absconded. She begins to monitor his temperature and going to see doctors. Most times, baby cries the most at night, so she will have to do forced vigil. This processes are very cumbersome. Sometimes the baby may just keep quiet and be lonely. His elongated taciturnity and abrupt change in temperature give her serious concern and often times frighten her. She mustn’t miss giving her baby his medications at the right time and measure in accordance to the doctor’s prescription. Truly, mothers are the best doctors. But after all these, there are moments of laugher and joy.

Then then only day she is partially relieved is on the eight day (naming ceremony). Why? Hmmm… The gifts that were showered on her on his/her arrival and christening are very enthralling. Also, various people: families, relation, colleagues and friends rally round her to greet her. The child begins to grow and glow. His glamorous and bright smiles register a cheerful atmosphere.

Children are to be loved and celebrated. They are the source of joy to everyone. The home is lively and scattered through his crawling expeditions. Oh, how lovely to have babies around at all times! The best way to addressing them is, the little treasured gem.

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